High value Computer Rooms or Data Centres invariably require the protection of a fire suppression system to protect valuable equipment/information, whilst also protecting the continuity of the day to day running of a business. Risk Management assessments and Insurance Company requirements invariably lead to a necessity to detect fire and provide fire control measures.

The actual risks suppression systems are used for can vary from IT equipment/enclosures, generator rooms, high voltage switch rooms to archive stores, museums or work place kitchens. If a water sprinkler system is deemed to be not suitable either due the class of fire or the assets being protected, then we can offer a wide range of products to ensure both life and assets are protected to highest standards and workmanship.

Supply and Installation
Supply and Installation

Platinum Fire Solutions Ltd have 25 years combined experience in supply and installation of suppression systems and provide bespoke systems best suited for the purpose. We have engineers trained by all the UK’s leading OEMs including Kidde, Fike, Tyco, Komtes and FSL, giving us the best overview of the products on the market and what will be best suited to each client’s assets.

We can offer the full range of Inert products, which work by reducing the ambient oxygen level in the enclosure down to below what is required for a fire to combust, yet above what is required to sustain human respiration. Alternatives to Inert systems are the ranges of chemical gases, the most popular and in demand being FM200 (HFC227-ea) and Novec 1230 which we have installed in many different situations.

Platinum Fire Solutions Ltd are not tied to any one product so can therefore select, design, install, commission and service maintain any of these systems to the highest quality of customer care and satisfaction, whilst ensuring that you “the customer” have received the best possible system for your needs.

Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems

We can also offer a range of kitchen fire suppression systems including Wet Chemical and Water Mist which are a crucial piece of equipment for any commercial kitchen; they can respond automatically within seconds should a fire break out.

Perfectly suited for hotel kitchens, restaurants and fast food outlets, all kitchen fire suppression systems are bespoke to suit your customers’ particular range of kitchen appliances, regardless of your kitchen size and layout.