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Zero Downtime

Most enclosures which are protected by suppression systems require constant cover.

Keep your enclosures protected and minimise downtime with our service exchange option. No need to worry about your cylinders being offsite for testing - we offer like-for-like replacements delivered to your site on the same day. This ensures continuous protection for your assets without any interruptions.

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>Zero Downtime

Hydrostatic Testing

Fire suppression systems utilise high-pressure vessels, which, by law and according to UK/European standards, must be maintained at specified intervals depending on use.

The testing process is achieved by hydrostatically pressuring the cylinders containing the suppression agent. All Suppression cylinders must be tested every 10 years. The method includes decanting the cylinders, cleaning and drying them, removing all contaminates, and then filling the cylinder with water. Once filled, the cylinder is then pressurised to 1.5 times the working pressure to verify it is still safe and fit for purpose.

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Hydrostatic Testing

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